Making consumers more Wine Wise

& boosting wine sales in the key

pre-Christmas trading period!

Reaching millions of wine consuming adults & creating real impact and awareness with the market-leading 7th National Wine Week. Wine Wise Rated Wine registration now open!

Wine is a dynamic and lifestyle directed market in the UK, however the economic climate, the health lobby, tax hikes, changing consumer lifestyles & attitudes, especially amongst Millennials combined with reducing disposable income and of course, Brexit have all had an impact.

Whilst still worth over £5 billion at retail and although powering ahead with sparkling, fruit flavoured & lower ABV's, wine has certainly seen better times, which is why the market and the nation continues to need a National Wine Week to help educate and refocus!

7th National Wine Week arrives in just...

7th National Wine Week Dec 3rd - 9th 2018

Wine Wise Rated Wine registration now open & closes Monday 12th November! Register your wines here, contact: Jamie Jones on 020 3872 2573 or email

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