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7th National Wine Week &
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Certainly wine has been a dynamic and lifestyle directed market in the UK, becoming the nation’s favourite tipple!

However the economic climate, health lobby, tax hikes  and indeed changing lifestyles and reducing disposable consumer income have all had a profound effect.

So too, it could be argued, did those once ubiquitous, but now long gone 3 for £10 wine deals, which whilst generating huge volume, also caused massive on-going problems for wine brands and a false sense of affordability for consumers.

Whilst still worth over £5 billion at retail and although powering ahead with sparkling, fruit flavoured & lower ABV's, wine has certainly seen better times, which is why the market and the nation needs a National Wine Week to help educate and refocus!

Educate & Refocus with the

7TH National Wine Week N ov 26th-Dec 2nd 2018

It’s better for consumers, better for the market and better for wine brands!

The 6th National Wine Week will be working alongside WSET, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, to help enable consumers to know more about wine and to be able to make informed, not deal-driven wine choices.