Help Us To Help You – Why? Because The Market Needs It!

Whilst wine maybe big at retail, worth £5.3 billion, it’s also pretty flat, with the only real growth coming from the sparkling category. With  possible increased deals/margins and price rises, taking the average bottle RSP to
over £5, but not for the right reasons!

Previously, consumers had flocked to wine in vast numbers, not through knowledge, but by a deal-driven retail culture which whilst very significantly boosting volumes in the short-term, longer-term  actually has had a detrimental effect on the off-trade market .

With the disappearance of deep-discount deals and more price transperancy, but with little real wine knowledge, consumers have been left without a real reference point other than still continuing to look for the best offers/lowest prices either in the wine isle or on gondola ends.

Of course whilst price-promotion remains a key strategy, equally continual market price-promoting becomes unsustainable, as brand equity and loyalty only become as good as the last deal. This can only lead to weaker wine producers and brands, and a further declining wine market!

Help Us Help Consumers –

Support the 7th National Wine Week!

Nov 26th - Dec 2nd 2018

Persuading Consumers To Drink Less, But Better!

Through Knowledge Lies Growth!

Whilst Varietal has apparently taken over from Price as the latest key influencer in consumer wine purchase, with Origin third, without more wine knowledge, consumers will continue to struggle to differentiate value from price and quality from deal. It is that increase in basic consumer wine knowledge that is precisely what National Wine Week seeks to achieve and which we believe, will deliver a better and more sustainable wine market for all!

National Wine Week was created to help consumers become more knowledgeable and wine aware, and to be able to make more informed, not deal-driven, wine purchase and consumption choices.

The slight swing in favour of Varietal choice over Price  is a welcome change, but it needs to be encouraged and sustained. The aim of National Wine Week is to bring about this on-going change in consumer wine attitudes and knowledge, and acknowledging current health recommendations to drink less; but better!