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Helping consumers become more wine wise & boosting wine sales pre-Christmas!

Wine is a dynamic market worth around £5.1 billion and growing at 2.7 YoY*, however the health lobby, tax hikes, changing consumer lifestyles & attitudes, especially amongst Millennials and of course the major social & economic effects of the Covid pandemic have all had an impact. Although still powering ahead with sparkling, fruit flavoured, lower ABV’s & canned, wine perceptions and consumption has undergone major change, which is why the market and the nation continues to need a National Wine Week to help educate and refocus!

*Source The Grocer – Kantar – 2020

November 9th - 15th 2020

9th National Wine Week
Get Wine Wise

Grocery Gurus are the market-leading, multi award-winning grocery promotional marketers and 2020 will be the 9th year of UK’s National Wine Week which has now evolved from a generic to a sponsored event.

A natural evolution from a generic to a sponsored event!

An altogether better wine experience…

Find out more & secure your brand’s participation here!

9th National Wine Week
Get Wine Wise

November 9th - 15th 2020

A well-established Wine & Sparkling category specific multi-brand, multi-channel campaign with 5 key activational areas!

The UK's leading wine educational event!

Moving from generic to sponsored, a changed wine format reflecting changed times

Wine remains a key category and has benefited from the ongoing Covid crisis so, with the evolution from generic to sponsored our 9th National Wine Week will further stimulate growth by helping consumers become more wine wise and will be broadly based on our existing multi award-winning, proven promotional format, but in line with the ongoing effects of the Covid pandemic, a changed emphasis; a multi-channel event covering major media, social, on-line and promotional activity & trade support, plus social-sampling & virtual experiential. Plus, should life return to ‘near-normal’ we will be offering an experiential add-on option.

The campaign – 2 options

Campaign Summary


465 pieces – editorial & competitions - coverage 86m


Interactions 220k/100k usv’s

Virtual experiential sampling

Up to 10k individual samples/coupons


Mobile, Downloadable PoS, Win a Week of Wine

Rated Wines

Brand/varietal registration

Total campaign value £1.2m​

Up to 8 Exclusive wine categories

1.Main campaign - 5 activational areas

  • Media

    • Mainstream Editorial & Competitions 225 pieces – coverage 55 million
    • Radio Editorial – 150 stations average 11 million coverage
    • Radio/online Competitions 80-100 stations/sites – 200-250k entrants
  • Social/web

    • Social Facebook / Twitter / Instagram - interactions 220k
    • Website – 100k usv’s
  • Virtual experiential & sampling

    • Social-sampling via Grocery Gratis – delivering 10k branded samples
    • Individual live brand sampling/wine tasting via streaming
  • Promotional

    • Mobile/downloadable coupons
    • PoS - downloadable
    • Wine a Week of Wine competition
  • Rated Wines

    • Rated wine registration

2. Experiential add-on

  • Experiential

    Dependent upon the latest Covid status up to 6 Free-from RoadShow days at mainline stations & Foodie Festivals - Reach 150k / Direct engagement 105k

Wine categories we’d love to fill…

Country wines


New Zealand
South Africa
Other European
Other US


Fruit Infused
Spirit infused
Lo-no alcohol

All-inclusive campaign activational cost

Exclusive product categories, with everything being included; planning, full activation/sampling, staff, creative, media/social, promotional & full reporting etc. in the cost. No call on brands marketing resources. Only additional cost; product for sampling/prizes & any price promotion support.

Together Is Better

targeted campaigns covering most
major grocery occasions or categories

3 campaigns remaining in 2020 with 10 campaigns in 2021!

We live in an ‘Experience Economy’ and Grocery Gurus is a dedicated promotional marketing agency that creates, owns & activates ‘Together Is Better’ – multi award-winning, multi-brand, multi-channel shared grocery brand experiences.

Running through the remainder of 2020 and into 2021, our category or occasion based grocery experiences bring together synergistic brands within an integrated experiential, & media/social promotional event, creating much greater shopper engagement and brand cut-through at a very much more cost-effective rate than other grocery experiential or promotional activities!

Remaining campaigns in


October 19th - November 1st

1st Free From Fortnight -
Free-from & Well-being

November 9th - 15th

9th National Wine Week –
Wine education

November 23rd - December 6th

1st Mixorama -
At-home cocktails

Campaigns in


February 5th - 21st

5th Dinner To Dine For -
Big Night In

March 1st - 21st

5th A Better Breakfast + National Deskfast Day – Breakfast

April 19th - May 9th

1st Free From Fortnight -
Free-from & Well-being

May 31st - June 6th

25th National BBQ Week – BBQ

June 14th - July 11th

21st Gastro Alfresco – Alfresco eating & entertaining

July 19th - August 1st

2nd Free From Fortnight – Free-from & Well-being

September 7th - 20th

5th It's Lunchtime – Lunch

October 5th - 18th

3rd BeerathoN – Ales/Beers/Ciders

Oct. 25th - Nov. 14th

4th Get Wine Wise + 10th National Wine Week – Wine Education

Nov. 22nd - Dec. 12th

2nd Mixorama – At-home cocktails

Altogether better experiences…

Fully sustainable campaigns

All of our campaigns are now fully sustainable with each campaign also contributing to & supporting environmental & social charities to help protect people and the planet

Join us on a Wine promotional journey

9th National Wine Week – Get Wine Wise

November 2nd – 8th 2020


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Find about more about the 9th National Wine Week and it aims & objectives
For Sponsorship or Media info contact:
  • Grocery Gurus Ltd / National Wine Week 86-90 Paul Street, Hoxton, London EC2A 4NE
  • 020 3872 2523
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